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Friday, May 28, 2010

Catalina Ene Onea

Catalina Ene Onea (Romania)
Germanystudied Germanistics and Romanistics
University of Bucharest
She finished her Masters in Interculturality both in Bucharest and Berlin at the Humboldt University, where she is currently a PhD student in the field of New German Literatur/Interculturality. During her study she won several competitions and scholarships which gave her the possibility to take part in diffrent worksops, seminars or studying programmes abroad, for example in Heidelberg, Rostock or Berlin. She also participated in many cultural exchange programmes, representig Romania in international projects such as The Enescu Festival in Germany, Romanian's Accession Treaty to European Union in Luxemburg, The Workshop for Creative Writing UmLinzRum in Sibu/Linz etc.Since 2008 she lives in Germany and works as a press officer for the Romanian cultural magazine Axioma. She coaches and supports international projects of young people from Central/ Eastern Europe and Central Asia as a mentor in Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg Berlin, a programme of the Robort Bosch Foundation and the MitOst e.V.She writes poetry, essay, prosa and theatre. She already published several books in Romania and recived many awards and distinctions.Statement for the profile: " The workshop Gender and Media at GrIStuF 2010 focuses on a new topic of the modern society of which each one of us should be awere. However, the way we relate to it depends on the cultural enviroment where we spend our daily existence. I chose to participated in this workshop hoping to learn about new facets of the subject and get as many diffrent perspectives on the topic as possible. I am happy to work and share thoughts, wishes or fears with international participants coming from all over the world, knowing that the art of intercultural communication is not only my field of study but also a modus vivendi that belongs to the profession of life in the 21th century..."

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