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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, 31st “Gender + Media Analysis”

Monday, 31st “Gender + Media Analysis”
· Changing the room. We moved to the new working place.
· Refection day 1+2 → Statement. We discussed first two days, determined what we have learned during these days, and then created a statement of these days.
· Media. We discussed what media was and how gender was represented in media. We watched some commercials.
· Gender representation. We discussed why it was so difficult to understand and defined what gender means. How male-female genders are represented in the pop-culture.
· Media analysis. We analyzed gender representation in the Welcome party concert, the first edition of GrIStuF newspaper and posters of 550th Anniversary of Greifswald University.
· Methodology of gender analysis in social systems. We listened to a lecture about 4 R-Model of Gender Analysis.

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