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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


To see how gender can be represented in national promotion videos we looked at two such videos, one from Austria (link) and one from Sweden (link). By the representation of people in the Australian video we could see Austria as a white, Christian and heterosexual society. Women were high represented at the Austrian video, but often with little or without clothes.
The Sweden video also showed a lot of women, but they were mostly with clothes and in lots of different ways. The society represented in the Sweden video is multicultural, differently aged and different sexualities were shown.
I thank very much Elly and Christian Scambour who I got the idea and first analysis about the national promotion videos from Sweden and Austria from at a EU-Workshop at the Genderwerkst├Ątte Graz. http://www.genderwerkstaette.at/

Andrea Bettels

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