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Thursday, June 3, 2010

June3:MorizTV interview & Gender Walk

First,let's welcome our guest for today,Stephanie Napp and Tobias Ruch from MorizTV!
They were joining our workshop for an interview, both from us & to us!

We prepared some questions using the 4-R(Representation,Resources,Reasons,Rights) Organization Analysis model for Stephanie, to kick off the interview between us!

It's interesting to find the Greifswald University student TV team consists of 15 females and 5 males.Jobs are divided by a principle of "Do whatever you like!" They try to be objective while reporting,but a more female-like perspective is hard to avoid according to the team structure. Most you can see from the way they portray the people and the stories.
Almost all of them join the team because of the interests in reporting or moving pictures. It's also interesting to find that more males are joining for the written part and more females are interested in the moving pictures. The reasons remain unknown.

For about seven minutes we finished up all the questions for Staphanie,thanked her for the information for study,and went on with our workshop about gender and media studies.

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